May 26 • 1HR 2M

039 — Meta-anxiété [PAB]

Prendre l'air ou le métro, DeSantis, Musk, Munger & Buffett m'appelez pas Karen.

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Full Stack Banana est un nouveau podcast de conversations nourrissantes au carrefour de la philosophie et de la culture contemporaine. Au fil de réflexions parfois existentialistes mais absolument relax, on s’efforce de bâtir un modèle d’échafaudage pour la vie moderne.
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Cette semaine, on navigue encore une fois les incidents dramatiques dans les transports, jusqu’au paysage changeant de l'emploi, explorant encore une fois les impacts de l’IA. On discute aussi de santé mentale et de “meta-anxiété”, de la sagesse de Buffett et Munger et enfin, l'ornithologie comme passe-temps transformateur?

Notes et références

[01:00] South Korea detains passenger after Asiana plane door opened mid-air

[05:00] Man Is Charged With Shoving Woman’s Head Against Moving Subway Train

[10:00] Michelle Go

[11:00] The Disappearing White-Collar Job

Companies are rethinking the value of many white-collar roles, in what some experts anticipate will be a permanent shift in labor demand that will disrupt the work life of millions of Americans whose jobs will be lost, diminished or revamped partly through the use of artificial intelligence. 

[22:00] Uber suspends diversity chief over 'Don’t Call Me Karen’ events

Lee’s suspension, which was first reported by the New York Times, follows mounting internal discontent over two “Don’t Call Me Karen” sessions that she convened on Zoom for up to 500 employees. The events, one in April and the second last week, were billed as “diving into the spectrum of the American white woman’s experience from some of our female colleagues, particularly how they navigate around the ‘Karen’ persona”.

[29:00] Andrew Sullivan sur le lancement vertement critiqué de la campagne de Ron DeSantis.

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The Resistance Resists ... DeSantis!
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[31:00] Musk for president?

[35:00] Community notes

[41:00] Buffett and Munger on Success, Toxicity and Elon Musk

Mr. Munger said that success comes from steering clear of toxic people. 

“The great lesson of life is get them the hell out of your life—and do it fast,” Mr. Munger said. 

[44:00] Eulogy virtues vs. resume virtues

[45:00] Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work

[47:00] Why we should not be so anxious about anxiety


[50:00] Of boys and men & Is there really a crisis?

[55:00] Three Years After a Fateful Day in Central Park, Birding Continues to Change My Life

I believe that birds in the wild are meant to inspire such passions in us all. The wonders they offer are always available, freely given, to anyone willing to partake. All we have to do is step outside, look and listen.

[57:00] Merlin