May 6 • 48M

036 — Cinco de Mayo [PAB]

Falsification des préférences, le courage paternel, le mystère d'Epstein, faux diamants, Gordon Lightfoot, Vice, Fentanyl, la théorie du fer à cheval et commerce du détail en péril à San Francisco.

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Full Stack Banana est un nouveau podcast de conversations nourrissantes au carrefour de la philosophie et de la culture contemporaine. Au fil de réflexions parfois existentialistes mais absolument relax, on s’efforce de bâtir un modèle d’échafaudage pour la vie moderne.
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Cette semaine on parle falsification des préférences, du (manque de) courage dans la paternité, l'énigme qui s’étire autour de Jeffrey Epstein, les faux diamants, l'héritage musical de Gordon Lightfoot, les défis des nouvelles entreprises de médias avec la faillite anticipée de Vice Media, l'augmentation des décès dus au Fentanyl, la théorie du fer à cheval en politique et les défis de criminalité, de consommation de drogues et d’itinérance à San Francisco.

Notes et références

[02:00] Cinco de mayo, per ChatGPT

Cinco de Mayo, or the 5th of May, is a celebration that commemorates the Mexican Army's unexpected victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Though it is not Mexico's Independence Day (which is on September 16th), it is a significant day in Mexican history and has become a popular cultural event, especially in the United States, where it is celebrated with parades, food, music, and festivities that showcase Mexican heritage and pride.

[03:00] Nefarious

[04:00] Preference falsification is the act of misrepresenting our wants under perceived social pressures

[06:00] Navy — In Court, Hunter Biden Cries Poor to Reduce Child Support Payments

Biden has retained "some of the most expensive attorneys on planet Earth," according to a motion filed by Roberts last Thursday, including former Arkansas attorney general Dustin McDaniel, Lowell, and Morris.

[14:00] WSJ — Epstein, la liste s’allonge

[20:00] Les faux diamants sont éternels, et moins chers

[23:00] AI makes Paul McCartney’s voice youthful

[26:00] Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot’s music has been covered by a number of artists. Here are 10 popular renditions

[30:00] Vice Is Said to Be Headed for Bankruptcy

[35:00] Estimates of Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, and Oxycodone: United States, 2021

[37:00] Illinois high school offers racially segregated math classes

The high school’s move to offer separate math classes for students of certain racial groups echoes actions taken by colleges across the United States, which have started to offer graduation ceremonies separated by race in recent years.

[38:00] Horseshoe theory

[41:00] San Francisco

Nordstrom’s Exit From San Francisco Calls Downtown Mall’s Future Into Question

Police Tell San Francisco Homeowner To Hire Private Security After Suffering 8 Break-Ins

Chicago Police recommend Riot Glass to prevent smash-and-grab crimes

Oregon bill would decriminalize homeless encampments and propose penalties if unhoused people are harassed or ordered to leave