Apr 25 • 1HR 26M

033 — Love all, serve all [PAB]

Promptographie, énergie, nostalgie, démographie, 90 the new 60, Rocky.

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Full Stack Banana est un nouveau podcast de conversations nourrissantes au carrefour de la philosophie et de la culture contemporaine. Au fil de réflexions parfois existentialistes mais absolument relax, on s’efforce de bâtir un modèle d’échafaudage pour la vie moderne.
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Notes et références

[05:00] Trust the process, Trust the soup

When we say “Trust the soup” we mean the Muse, the unconscious, the Quantum Soup. The sailor hoists his canvas, trusting that the wind (which is invisible and which he can neither see nor control) will appear and power him upon his voyage. — Steven Pressfield

[10:00] Fossil Future

[12:00] Innovex — Oil boss criticizes fleece-maker North Face for ‘virtue signalling’

[20:00] Barbara Lynch

[28:00]  Ménage du printemps — An Unopened 2007 iPhone Can Be Yours (for $32,000 or More) ; Yes, People Will Pay $27,500 for an Old ‘Rocky’ Tape. Here’s Why.; Atari buys up classic games

[35:00] Stallone on making Rocky (BBC, 1977)

[38:00] Orson Wells

[42:00]  Promptography is done with prompts. Photography is done with light

Pseudomnesia: The Electrician © Boris Eldagsen, courtesy Sony World Photography Award
Eldagsen’s winning image, Pseudomnesia: The Electrician, was created using DALL-E 2, an image generator developed by OpenAI, the San Francisco-based company that also created the AI chatbot ChatGPT.

[46:00] Replication crisis et l’affaire Sokal

[51:00] Fake Drake

[57:00] Three billion Africans

[1:02:00]  How 90 Became the New 60;  When Will I Retire? How About Never

Biden OK After Falling Getting Off Bike at End of Beach Ride Near Home –  NBC10 Philadelphia

[1:14:00] Bud light; Top 40 under 40

[1:00:00] RBC

[1:20:00] Pickleball, Air (le film), et Air Jordan